You Can't Put a Price on Efficiency *

* Ok, we did, but it's a really good one

Account Executive

Location: remotely, anywhere in the United States


Ziflow’s mission is to be the company that leads the market for online proofing by delivering an unparalleled experience for our employees and customers. The Ziflow executive team have deep experience building and growing SaaS products for the marketing sector. They have successfully built software development and business operations teams in Poland, South Africa, and the United States.

This is a full-time, remote role. We believe strongly in work/life balance and encourage everyone to stay fresh and creative.  

Our mantra is “Fast & Focused”. As a start-up we need to move quickly to capitalize on market opportunities, uncovering new channels for growth as efficiently as possible. We maintain a focus on solving a small number of customer problems well rather than trying to do too much.

Responsibilities Include
  • Working with our prospective customers to qualify and generate opportunities 
  • Listening empathically to our prospects to understand their critical business issues and adding value with every interaction
  • Delivering personalized product demonstrations that communicate our value and solution in relation to our prospects critical business issues
  • Consulting with prospects through the buying process, providing them with the necessary resources to get internal stakeholder buy in, and being a resource in navigating through the change curve
  • Exceeding activity, pipeline, and revenue goals on a quarterly basis
  • Tracking all opportunity and customer details including use case, purchase time frames, next steps, and forecasting in Salesforce
About the Perfect Candidate
  • The Gift of Gab: You are a master at building rapport and developing genuine relationships; from the front line up to executive leadership teams.  You are interested in your prospect’s business, their challenges and growth opportunities, and what it will take to help get them to the next level.  Whether it be over the phone, through an online screenshare, in person, or by email, you are an excellent communicator and your prospects rely on you as a trusted advisor. 
  • A History of Success:  You’ve got a proven history of success meeting and exceeding your new sales target  with medium and large enterprise accounts in the B2B SaaS space for 3-5 years.  Experience In marketing or with martech is a big plus.  You are comfortable owning the full sales cycle including prospecting when needed, demo-ing, negotiating, closing business and creating a sense of urgency
  • High Standards:  Our potential customers are depending on us to deliver.  That means being available, calling them back as quickly as possible, being thorough, being present, being committed to growth and transparency.  It also means keeping up on our product, our technology, industry trends, etc.
  • Growth mindset:  Learning is a part of our culture and knowing that there is always room to improve and a better way to do things is core to how we get better.  You invite coaching, collaboration and feedback in all you do.   
  • Committed: In managing your day, in working with your clients, you name it.  You’ll be expected to manage your day as though it was your own business. You'll be expected to be on the phones, demo the software, help customers purchase, manage your pipeline, work in our CRM tools, and much more.  Expect to be busy!

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