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Ziflow's online proofing software helps deliver marketing projects faster by streamlining the review and approval of creative content

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The Remote Working Toolkit for Creative Production

Learn how Online Proofing streamlines the review and approval process for marketing and creative teams.

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A clearer way to review creative content

Intuitive annotation and commenting make it easy for your team to provide clear feedback on all types of creative content. Moving the content review process from email or hard copy printouts to Ziflow improves the speed, clarity, and quality of feedback.

When team members spend less time in email threads deciphering feedback, it means more time creating great work. Online proofing has been called the "quickest win in MarTech" because it is easy to use and the benefits are realized from the first project. 


Improve collaboration to speed up content approval

Ziflow improves collaboration, which helps you get projects delivered faster. Reviewers can see and reply to each other’s comments, avoiding duplication, miscommunication and resolving questions quickly. This results in less rework and fewer versions before final approval.

Ziflow customers deliver their projects up to 56% faster than before they adopted online proofing, with 29% fewer revisions.  In fact, 83% of creative projects reviewed and approved with Ziflow never require more than 2 versions for completion.  That's an immediate benefit for everyone involved. 

Centralized content via online proofing

Centralize content review to keep everything on track

Ziflow keeps your team on the same page by centralizing the content review and approval process. Ziflow lets you and your team see what needs to be reviewed and when it needs to be reviewed by. At-risk proofs are flagged automatically. Team leaders can see review status quickly across all proofs in the pipeline.

Automated reminders save project, traffic, and production managers the time of having to nudge team members for feedback as deadlines approach.   

Centralized content via online proofing
Automate the processes related to review and approval of creative content

Automate unnecessary manual tasks to focus on what matters most

Ziflow can automate many manual marketing tasks, freeing your creative and production teams to focus on high-value, high impact work.

Mundane, yet important, tasks like file conversions and sharing, renaming, FTP uploads can be easily automated.  As can the creation of proofs themselves and sending notifications to your favorite project, chat and time tracking apps.   

Automate the processes related to review and approval of creative content

Key features that will change your life

Online proofing software with all the enterprise capabilities you need to manage your content review and approval process. Ziflow is secure and reliable, and our experts are here to give you an unparalleled experience.

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Enterprise-Level Security

There's a difference between saying we provide secure services and proving that we provide secure services, but we've proved it through a SOC 2 Type II audit. Our internal controls have been audited and validated to ensure the security and availability of our services.

Our customers are the world’s largest agencies and brands and they require that we provide secure content access, review and approval. The completion of this audit confirms that Ziflow’s information security policies, procedures and best practices meet the rigorous SOC 2 standards, which align with our customers’ needs.

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Integrate Ziflow with your MarTech stack

Ziflow makes it easy to combine online proofing with your existing (and planned) MarTech stack, including custom applications. Whether it's project management, collaboration apps, digital asset management or job tracking applications you use, you can extend those apps to include relevant Ziflow actions and information.

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