Provide more effective feedback
by attaching files directly
to proof comments

Avoid the context-switching required by sending proof-related files via email

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Attach any type of file to your comments

Need to share a new logo? Have a great video example that would provide even more clarity to your feedback? Attach any file, up to 500MB, to your comment.

Preserve attachments with each new version

All comments and attachments are preserved as new versions are added to a proofing project. As your online proofing project progresses you can always see earlier comments and attachments to ensure changes needed were made.

Use attachments to keep project docs handy

If your projects have a creative brief, or brand guidelines that are referred to throughout the project, add them to a comment and everyone on the team will always have access. 

Enrich your comments and feedback
with attachments

Attach any type of file

Attach design files, office documents, even videos, to help drive home your point

Keep reviewers on the same page

Attachments on comments are great for those who don’t have access to your file shares or Dropbox folders

Keep conversations out of email

Attaching files to proofs keeps the collaboration centrally located, out of email threads, speeding up the review process

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