Automate Folder Creation with the Click of a Button

Automating Your Folder Hierarchy

If you and your team utilize a consistent folder hierarchy as part of your marketing project management discipline, Ziflow has made it easier for you to create a new folder tree by automating the manual steps of folder creation.

How it works

Ziflow provides an intuitive user interface to set up folder tree templates which you can associate with many types of projects. These new templates will be created each time Ziflow identifies a pre-defined trigger.

Ziflow has a pre-built “Create Folder Tree” Zibot ready to be put to work.  As you’ll see in the video above, all a Ziflow user has to do is create that trigger and Ziflow will do the rest.

Getting More Done

As with all of our Zibots, this Zibot can be used on its own, or as part of a larger, multi-step workflows.

For example, you could set up a Flow which would look for that new project folder being added. This could set off several Zibots, including email or Slack notifications, updating to-do’s or statuses in your project management application, like Basecamp, and finally, creating your new folder hierarchy.  

Instead of manually updating teammates and status pages, you’re already on to your next project!

Benefits of Automated Folder Creation

  • Saves you time, every day
  • Enforces project structure consistency
  • Can be incorporated into complex workflows, or executed as a single action  
  • Allows you to pass task-work to junior team members, knowing it will get done correctly every time

Automated folder creation is just one of the many pre-built Zibots available today.  

Automate Your Folder Creation

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