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    Ziflow Adds Automation to Online Proofing

Creative Project Management: 5 Steps to Success in 2020

For years, businesses around the globe have relied on project management tools to keep teams working efficiently and productively in a host of environments. So, what ...


Product Release: March 2020

Our latest product release is now live. Highlights for this release include new supported languages, post-decision messages, and more. Read on to learn more!


Five Tips for Remote Working Success

Remote working has quickly become the rule (literally) rather than the exception. Our CEO shares five tips from having built two 100% remote companies.


Remote-first: How Ziflow built an all-remote team

For teams looking to optimize remote working, here how Ziflow's employees, located across 10 time zones , organize and track their work.


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Don’t let the review and approval process slow you down. Let us show you how to speed it up.