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How to Write a Rock Solid Creative Brief (With Examples)

Learn how to build a creative brief that ensures any marketing or brand campaign your team is working on is a success—from start to finish.


Introducing the Ziflow Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

We’re proud to announce the Ziflow extension for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects video proofing. This extension enables video editors to create, work with, ...


Product Release: May 2020

Our latest product release is now live. Highlights for this release include new folder sharing and Smart Filter options. Read on to learn more!


Brand Design: What It Is + Steps for Success in 2020

Great brand design goes beyond color palettes or logos. This article covers the essence of branding as well as the role of design in it. Also, we’ll define the key ...


It’s Time to Ditch Email as a Marketing Feedback Tool

It's time to replace email with a purpose-built feedback tool. Ziflow's online proofing app will help you deliver projects faster, every day.


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Don’t let the review and approval process slow you down. Let us show you how to speed it up.