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#ZiflowHowTo: Automate FTP Transfers with the Click of a Button

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by Gary Fisher

15 March 2017

To support today’s wide-ranging digital channels, marketing teams tend to frequently move hundreds or even thousands of files daily. Online file sharing, such as FTP transfers can easily cause bottlenecks and other challenges if the right tools or services aren’t utilized. The ability to receive and deliver project files on a reliable basis is critical. Project and distribution delays occur when requests for files or delivery processes involve complex instructions, or even worse downloading and installing new software.

How it works

Automating FTP allows you to eliminate delays between transfers and subsequent file processing tasks, and cut back on the risk of human error—all with a single click of a button.

You might be wondering how’s that even possible? For projects and teams that rely on FTP for file sharing and distribution with clients and partners, Ziflow makes FTP transfers as simple as a dragging-and-dropping files into a folder. Check out the video to learn more.  

The helpful video demonstrates not only how easy it is to automate FTP transfers, but also how to incorporate them into larger workflow processes.   

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