Introducing Ziflow

by Mat Atkinson

19 October 2017

blog_post1.jpgLast year my co-founder Anthony and I concluded the sale of ProofHQ, the company we founded in 2007, to Workfront, the leader in marketing project management. It was a great 8-plus-year run, where we grew an idea for reviewing creative content into the market leader for online proofing tools. We were lucky enough to call the world’s largest brands and agencies our customers. Luck played a big part, as did good timing, but focus was also critical. We focused hard to identify a specific pain point for a specific group of customers. We then focused intently on creating a better solution than anyone else.

We learned a lot about how marketing teams and agencies get work done and came to fully appreciate the challenges they face every day.

It’s that same appreciation that has brought us together again, and which brings us here today. Introducing Ziflow, our product for marketers, specifically geared toward automating and simplifying marketing production.

Why Did We Decide to Focus on Marketers Again?

Without question, the most consistent customer theme we encountered during our time at ProofHQ was the incredible volume of work being managed by marketing teams. The explosion of marketing channels and methods being used to reach customers mean that marketers are being asked to do so much more than they were even just a couple years ago.

And this isn’t just an issue with volume. The velocity of marketing operations has increased dramatically as well. The rate at which new projects and campaigns are being produced doesn’t allow for any wasted time, especially time spent on “busy work”.

After evaluating all that we had learned from customers in our 8 plus years at ProofHQ, we have come back to that same basic prooblem - the sheer volume of activities required for producing great work in short time frames. We feel strongly that we can offer marketers a vastly improved way to get through all of the "busy work" they need to do, and so maximize the time they spend working on high-value, rewarding and enjoyable projects.

The Goal: Marketing’s Flow State

In the study of psychology, there’s the concept of a flow state - the point when someone is so immersed in what they are working on, they’ve achieved energized focus, so much so that they achieve a level of enjoyment and success - athletes often refer to this as being in “the zone”. Marketers, like athletes, can produce at high levels when they reach this flow state - it’s when the projects and campaigns go from ideas and whiteboards to “Just Do It” and “The Most Interesting Man in the World”.

There is no bigger flow-killer than the tasks associated with marketing production. Designers and production managers know all about the tasks associated with file prep - the resizing, converting, copying, tagging and forwarding - as creative assets are readied for review or for production. No one wants to step out of the zone to convert an AI file to JPEG, or copy a new ad to 3 different folders. This is why we created Ziflow.

Ziflow: Automating and Simplifying Marketing Production

Ziflow’s (company and product) mission is to simplify the lives of marketing teams everywhere by automating the tedious - but critical - tasks associated with marketing production.

Our aim is to save marketing teams time and money by automating the common creative production processes: the resizing, converting, tagging and routing tasks, for example. Ziflow does the heavy lifting, leaving marketers free to focus on high-value and high-quality work.

If we’ve done it right, Ziflow can help marketers reach their “zone” more consistently, freeing them up from the processing tasks that eat up valuable time.

Less time on tasks, more time for magic.

Check out a free trial, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Check out a free trial of Ziflow!

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