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#ZiflowHowTo: Using Ziflow’s Markup and Commenting Tools

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by Gary Fisher

14 March 2018

Ziflow allows busy marketing teams to easily provide and collect feedback on a wide range of file types (documents, designs, etc.) within an intuitive interface, directly on the content being reviewed.  

Easy to use commenting (with replies and attachments, for further clarity) and markup tools allow team members to provide clear, actionable feedback - the type of feedback that keeps projects moving and timelines in check.   

How it works:

Providing and collecting feedback in this centralized manner helps marketing teams avoid delays created by ad-hoc feedback paths such as email, hallways conversations, printouts, etc.  Ziflow replaces these and other ad-hoc methods for reviewing creative content with an enterprise-ready, online proofing solution.

Benefits of Ziflow’s markup and commenting tools:

  • Markup tools allow for the creation of specific, precise feedback
  • Easily review feedback directly integrated onto the content being reviewed
  • Comments and attachments provides an opportunity to provide further clarifications and examples, speeding up delivery times
  • Collaborative feedback cuts down on errors which slow down project delivery

For even greater detail on our markup and commenting tools, please visit our help center article,  where you’ll also find many articles that will help you get the most out of Ziflow.  

If you'd like to start proofing your creative content with Ziflow today, try a 14 day risk-free trial and get started!

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