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#ZiflowHowTo: How to Compare Proofs in Ziflow

One of the most tangible ways that Ziflow helps you deliver your marketing projects faster is by providing a streamlined way to review new versions of creative content, side by side.  


#ZiflowHowTo: Creating a New Proof in Ziflow

Ziflow streamlines the review and approval of creative content to help you deliver your marketing projects faster, by improving your team's collaboration, centralizing feedback and eliminating manual steps through automated workflow.

Once you've signed up for Ziflow, you're on your way to replacing email, printouts and other ad-hoc methods for reviewing your creative content.

The first step in that journey is creating a new proof. 


#ZiflowHowTo: Using Ziflow’s Markup and Commenting Tools

Ziflow allows busy marketing teams to easily provide and collect feedback on a wide range of file types (documents, designs, etc.) within an intuitive interface, directly on the content being reviewed.  


Text Select Makes Creative Content Reviews Even Easier

We've now added Text Select to our annotation tools to facilitate text-level feedback. This new capability is yet another example of how Ziflow helps cut down on context switching during the review process. With Ziflow, you can perform complete reviews of all types of creative assets (designs, brochures, videos, etc.) without the need to switch between multiple applications.


Branding Your Online Proofing Experience

For those Ziflow customers who wish to rebrand their online proofing user experience to match their company branding, we've made a few new additions to the application which will allow you to brand Ziflow accordingly.  


We’re Making it Easier to Navigate Your Proof List

We've added filters to your proofs list to make it even easier to find the proofs you need to work on at any given time.  

Since Ziflow is so easy to use, it’s easy to quickly arrive at a situation where you have pages and pages of proofs in your proof list.  Now, with filters, you can keep your workflow moving along, making sure deadlines are met. 


#ZiflowHowTo - Convert Files to PDF Automatically

There’s a lot to love about the PDF format - the ability to compress large files, portability across the web and compatibility with almost any operating system makes it easy to work with, especially within creative and marketing teams, where activity is fast-paced and workloads are demanding.  

Now, thanks to Ziflow, marketers have a new option when it comes to leveraging PDFs as part of their workflow. Not only can Ziflow easily convert to PDF your native design files, image files or even Microsoft Office files, but they can also then use the newly minted PDFs to further work processes via notifications, file transfers or distribution actions.  For a single file or hundreds at a time.  


#ZiflowHowTo: How to Share Files on Dropbox, Automatically

If you’re using Dropbox as your cloud storage, then you’re probably already sharing a few (or few hundred) files a day as part of your existing processes and workflow. As you start to juggle more and more projects simultaneously, manually sharing files and folders can not only start to take up more and more of your time, but can also be error-prone (sharing the wrong files, forgetting an important team member in the process, etc.).    


#ZiflowHowTo: Automate FTP Transfers with the Click of a Button

To support today’s wide-ranging digital channels, marketing teams tend to frequently move hundreds or even thousands of files daily. Online file sharing, such as FTP transfers can easily cause bottlenecks and other challenges if the right tools or services aren’t utilized. The ability to receive and deliver project files on a reliable basis is critical. Project and distribution delays occur when requests for files or delivery processes involve complex instructions, or even worse downloading and installing new software.


#ZiflowHowTo: Automating Folder Creation With The Click of a Button

If you and your team utilize a consistent folder hierarchy as part of your marketing project management discipline, Ziflow has made it easier for you to create a new folder tree by automating the manual steps of folder creation.


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