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Posted by Mike Puterbaugh

Free eBook: 10 Things You Should Automate Today for a Better Marketing Workflow

Building off a blog series that we ran earlier this year, we put together this eBook to highlight 10 things you should automate today to accelerate your marketing workflow. All too often, how productive you are comes down to how well you organize your marketing workfow—optimizing the way you accomplish the work assigned, so that you’re maximizing the time spent on high-value, impactful activities. The rate at which new marketing projects and campaigns are being produced today doesn’t allow for any wasted time, especially time spent on “busy work”. So, we're here to help. 

We've broken the tips into three categories:

  1. Getting (and Staying) Organized
  2. File Preparation and Transformation (a great section to share with your design collegues, if they don't share it with you first)
  3. File Sharing and Notifications

Once you've had a chance to review our suggestions, we'd love to hear yours! Use the comments section to let us know which tasks you've automated as part of your marketing workflow improvements. 

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