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Posted by Anthony Welgemoed

Product Release Recap - April 2018

Published  May 8, 2018. Once again, it's release day here at Ziflow. We've added several new capabilities, available today, which are focused on taking the complexities out of your online proofing process, no matter how far and wide that process takes you, inside or outside of your organization.

Current customers, as well as those in our 14-day trial, will see these new features immediately. Let's take a look at today's release:

Workflow Templates

Ziflow's new workflow templates help drive consistency of the review and approval process and can be customized to suit your organization's specific objectives. Workflow templates are an efficient way to standardize review processes by project type or client, by asset type or even to accommodate compliance requirements.


Templates for review stages and the actions which trigger those stages (such as decisions or deadlines) can be created and saved by account administrators for use by the entire team. Non-administrator users can create workflows for individual use as well. Note: Automated workflow and workflow templates are available in our Enterprise edition.

Live Website Proofing

With the newest addition to our family of online proofing media types, interactive and live website allow you and your reviewers to quickly test and markup any website to ensure compatibility with various screen sizes and devices.


Ziflow allows you to actively navigate the target site as you would your via your normal browser while providing comments and markups. For live site proofing, we've expanded our proof viewer to now include common screen sizes as active filters, so you can see how the site's responsiveness reacts, and make comments and annotations.

Bulk Actions on Proofs & Folders

Bulk actions, like folders and filters before them, are yet another addition to Ziflow which makes it easier to keep your proofs library organized en masse. Now you can make changes to proofs and folders in one action, such as moving proofs or folders to other folders, unlocking or locking proofs, or even deleting them.


You can also use bulk actions in conjunction with our filtering capability to quickly create a focused list on which to take action.

Export Proof and Comments

If your review and approval process entails delivering a final, historical proof as part of project delivery, Ziflow now supports the exporting of proofs and full comment history (including versions) for static proofs. This capability is also useful for those of you with compliance requirements (regulatory, brand, internal) which require you to demonstrate the approval process.


Exported proofs include annotations and comments, with full-text search capability, to quickly find a team member's feedback and comments.

Additionally, in this release we've added:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) support for Azure and Okta
  • Show/hide pins within the proof viewer; useful for projects with a high volume of reviewers and comments
  • Clone a folder and its subfolders
  • Proof owner and managers can now complete a non-decision maker's review to take a proof to completion
  • ...and last but not least... our Enterprise edition now includes unlimited proofs

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