Administration & Billing

    Branding - Allows you to customize your Ziflow account such as adding your logo to the dashboard, sign-in screen, emails and proof viewer.


    Billing - Provides you with all needed information regarding invoicing, upgrade editions and your current usage statistics.


    Proofing Settings - These settings are responsible for how your proofing experience will look like in Ziflow.


    Webhooks - Allow for the sending of data to other applications when a certain event happens. Here is an article for those who want to utilize this feature.


    Single Sign-on - For those who use SSO in their company and want to sign in to Ziflow by using their organization’s default authentication system.


      S3 Credentials Credentials that will be used to access proof source files from a secured bucket on Amazon Simple Storage Service.


    Administration - Frequently Asked Questions - Most common questions asked regarding administrative matters.