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    Authentication Activity

    Summary: Security and compliance are increasingly important for our clients. Authentication log tracks any browser-based authentications as well as password changes and resets.

    Available for: users with Admin rights on the Enterprise edition. 

    Where is the feature setup? Authentication activity log is located at the Manage Account dashboard.

    How does it work?

    Once you open the authentication log, you will see a list of data collected in your account. There are several types of data that system can store such as login attempt, password reset, personal information change, invalid password login attempt, password reset request.

    You can also use a time period selector, if you want to find a specific event or narrow down the search results. Authentication log lets you to show data for all users that are invited to your account or pick one specific person. 

    Each event displayed in a log has some additional information like:

    • IP address from which the action was taken
    • OS and browser of a user
    • Authentication method
    • Exact time and date of the event