Branding possibilities depend on the Ziflow edition. The Starter edition has basic customization options which include uploading your company logo to the dashboard and choosing your Ziflow subdomain name.

    Advanced branding is available on the Business and Enterprise editions. With either of these you will be able to customize your sign-in screen, emails, proof viewer and favicon. 

     Branding can only be set up by account administrators. 

    Where is the feature applied? Click on "Manage account" and this will take you directly to the branding page. 


    How does it work?

    On the Starter edition, you will see the options displayed in the screenshot below. 


    1. Click on "Subdomain" and type in your desired name. Ziflow will check to see if that subdomain is available and will either apply it or prompt you to change it. You can also edit your company name. 
    2. To upload your company logo, click on "Choose file". The recommended size is 100x40 pixels. Toggle the switch on so it appears on your dashboard, The header color can also be adjusted to match your brand. 

    Once you are done simply save your changes.

    On the Business and Enterprise editions you will see the options displayed in the screenshot below.

    1. Company name - mentioned in previous screenshot
    2. Page title - allows you to change the page title from Ziflow throughout the application. 
    3. Dashboard logo - mentioned in previous screenshot
    4. Sign in screen - you may select a different logo for your sign in screen, if desired. You can also switch off "Sign up" button.
    5. E-mail - you may also select a different logo for your emails. 
    6. Proof viewer - logo and sidebar color within the Proof Viewer are also customizable.
    7. Favicon - use a square image that's less than 100kb. Accepted formats: ICO, GIF and PNG. 

    Once you are done with all the customization options save your changes and enjoy your newly branded application.