How To - Invite Dropbox Business users in-to Ziflow

Summary: If you have connected a Dropbox Business account to Ziflow then you are able to see all the Dropbox team members within the Ziflow application. This makes it easy to invite your existing Dropbox Business users directly into Ziflow and assign roles.

Where is the feature applied? In the “Users tab” simply click on “Invite” button and all the Dropbox business group members will be listed.

How does it work?

Go to the “People” tab inside the Ziflow application and then click on Invite as shown below.


After clicking on “Invite” you will see this screen

  1. This indicates how many Ziflow accounts you have left to allocate on your subscription.
  2. If your Dropbox Business account has a lot of members you can use the search bar to find users quickly.
  3. If you want to add all (or most) of your Dropbox Business users then simply click on “Select all Dropbox members” and they will all be ticked automatically. The button will reverse and say “Unselect all Dropbox users” once you use it.
  4. List of all your Dropbox Business team - all the Dropbox accounts that you administer will be listed here. They are not yet part of your Ziflow team, so you still have to invite them to the application. You can decide what roles they should have in Ziflow. We will also display what user permissions they have in your Dropbox Business account.
  5. Add people by email - you can still add new users that are not part of your Dropbox via email invitation.

Once you enter the required details and click on the “Invite” button the user/s will receive an email notification like the one shown below.

From this point, the rest of the registration process is completed by the invited user/s.

Clicking “Verify email address” will open a new tab in the browser and the registration form will appear. The form will require the following information:

  1. Email address (This is the only field that cannot be modified by user)
  2. First name (This field is going to be copied from the invitation screen that team admin filled but user can  still modify it)
  3. Last name (Same as above)
  4. Password
  5. Phone number (not required)


Once the sign-up form is completed the user will be redirected to the Ziflow login page where they can sign in.

Additional information:

  • Once your Dropbox team members are signed up they can begin to use the Ziflow application including Online Proofing and Flows to automate tasks.

Supporting Material: