Creating a new flow

    Summary: Flows enable you to automate tasks on your cloud storage. A flow can be one simple task such as creating a PDF or it can be a combination of tasks bundled together such as creating a proof, moving the file and sending out an email notification. 

    Where is the feature setup? Under the Flows tab. Simply click on the "Create flow" button. 

    **NOTE - you must first connect your cloud storage (Dropbox or Google Drive) prior to creating a flow. You can do this under the "Connections" tab.


    Name your flow and select the cloud storage connection. 

    Next, choose the event that will trigger your Zibot. In this example I’m choosing “a file is added to a folder”.

     Next we are going to “Set up details” for your event.  Please see "Understanding event settings" for more information.

    After choosing the file type, select a watched folder - (a pre-defined folder that constantly looks for any new data added to them). In the screenshot below you can see that I've selected :

    • Any file format that is added to the file path: /gf/Create Hires PDF/1.Input Source File, including any subfolders below that path.


    Now you are asked what action you want to happen when a file is moved to your selected folder. This is where 
    you will choose your Zibot. Please see What are Zibots?  for more information.

    In this example I'm going to select the "convert to pdf" Zibot and configure my settings (see below).

    As you can see I have selected my "Source file", "Pages" and "Target folder” - /gf/Create Hires PDF/2.Finished Hires PDF - (notice my target folder is different from the "watched folder" that I initially set up). I've also chosen the “High-Quality Print” option. 

    When you click on the “Next” button, the summary page will tell you that "Everything looks good!".

    In this scenario, we want to add another action - send an email notification.

    To do this, click on the + Icon highlighted below. This will allow you to select the Zibot, "send email notification about a file”.


    Again, "Set up details" and click "Next".

    If everything is set up correctly, the summary page will tell you that "Everything looks good!".  If you have configured something incorrectly, Ziflow will highlight the areas that need reviewing.

    To enable your flow, click "Save & Turn on".

    You can set-up as many flows as you desire with lots of different combinations of Events and Zibots.

    Supporting material: