Creating a new flow

Summary: Flows are created inside Ziflow and they enable you to automate tasks on your cloud storage. A flow can be one simple task that is performed by one of our Zibots (such as creating a PDF) or a combination of tasks bundled together (such as: create a PDF, FTP the file & send an email notification). The flows are triggered by events such as a file moving into a certain folder on your cloud storage.

Where is the feature setup? To create flow/s you simply need to click in the “Flows” tab and then click on “Create new” (Note: You must be connected to your cloud storage, Dropbox or Google Drive for Flows to work).

When you create a new flow you are taken to the flow creation setup as shown below.

  1. You need to enter the name of your new flow
  2. Events are what trigger the Zibot/s to automate (See below)
  3. Zibots are the automations you want to set-up when the event is triggered (See below)
  4. Summary checks your settings and highlights any setup problems if any are found (See below)
2. Events: Events are what trigger the Zibot/s to automate

Events Step 1: After naming your flow simply select the cloud storage you want to use any cloud storage connections you have made will appear here. (If you have not connected to your cloud storage or you want to add a different cloud storage account then click on the + Connect button)

In the screenshot below the user can choose to use a Business Dropbox account or a Personal Dropbox account - all your connected storage will show here.

Events Step 2: Now you need to choose the event that will trigger your Zibot

  • A file is added to a folder - Select this option if you want Ziflow to trigger a Zibot action when a file is added to a certain folder inside your cloud storage.
  • A file is modified - Select this option if you want Ziflow to trigger a Zibot action when a file is modified on your cloud storage in the area you specify.
  • A file is deleted from a folder - Select this option if you want Ziflow to trigger a Zibot action when a file is deleted on your cloud storage in the area that you specify.
  • A new folder is created in a folder - Select this option if you want Ziflow to trigger a Zibot action when a new folder is created in your cloud storage in the area that you specify.

Simply click on your chosen event to proceed (In this example I’m choosing “a file is added to a folder”)

Events Step 3: Now you need to “Set up details” for your event
(Please see How To - Understand event settings)

So far we have set up:

  • On my Business Dropbox
  • Any file format that is added to the file path: /gf/Create Hires PDF/1.Input Source File Or any subfolders below that path …. Then
3. Zibots: Now we are being asked what task or tasks we want to happen when a file is moved to our selected file path location specified above.

When you get to the Zibot stage you will see something like this:

Now you simply select the Zibot you want to use. (In our example we want to create a hi-res pdf and then send an email). Please Note:

  • Each Zibot has its own settings which are very self-explanatory but please refer to the Ziflow help desk and look at the Flows “How To” section where every Zibot has all its settings documented if you require assistance.

I select the “convert to PDF” Zibot and apply my chosen settings (See below)

As you can see I have selected my “Target folder” for the PDF that Ziflow is going to create /gf/Create Hires PDF/2.Finished Hires PDF along with other settings such as the PDF I want Ziflow to make “High-Quality Print”. Notice my Target folder is different to my input folder that we set up back in the event's stage.

If we click on “Next” the summary page will tell us that everything looks good …. But remember we wanted to create a PDF and then send an email notification which would make this a multi-step flow. To do this we need to click on the + Icon highlighted below which will enable us to select another Zibot.

Next, I select the Zibot “send email notification about a file” and configure my settings. (Please refer to the Zibot - How To documents for configuration support).

When I click Next we will be taken to the Summary screen.

4. Summary: The summary screen will confirm if your setup is correct and you have not configured something incorrectly.

Ideally, you will see this screen indicating that everything looks good and you can either “Save and turn on” your flow or “Save and turn off” if you don’t want to enable the flow right away.

If something is configured incorrectly the Ziflow will highlight the areas that need reviewing.

In the screenshot below the summary puts a warning sign next to the step that is incorrect and then highlights the stage of the step that needs review.

Additional information:

  • When you setup flows you need to be “logical” about your steps eg. don't set up a Zibot to delete a file and then the following Zibot is set up to move a file because obviously there will be no file to move if it has been deleted first!
  • You can set-up as many flows as you desire and have many different combinations of Events and Zibots.

Supporting material: