How To - Use the Proof Folders

Summary: Proof list depending on the user may contain hundreds or even thousands of proofs. It’s really important to have an option to filter/organize them in some way, so it is easier to find needed items. Filters available in each Ziflow edition allow arranging proofs in the most basic way. However, the folders functionality give an opportunity to create an individual structure that will organize user proofs in way more advanced manner.

Available for: Feature available only for users using Ziflow Business or Enterprise Edition

How does it work?

Folder tree is located on the left side of the Proof list, under filters section. If a user clicks the top item, which is “Folders” button it will display a list of the all created folders.

If the top folder has some sub-folders in it it has + sign near the name. Once the user clicks the name of it, sub-folders will be displayed.

Sub-folders show a couple of things when they’re opened by a user:

  1. How many proofs are in that specific sub-folder
  2. Amount of Proofs in progress
  3. Amount of Late proofs
  4. Amount of Completed proofs

The context menu that can be opened by clicking 3 dot button near each of the listed folders, gives an option to:

  • Open folder - available for each user that has access to the folder
  • Edit folder - only if the user owns the folder or has an admin role assigned to the account
  • Delete - only if the user owns the folder or has an admin role assigned to the account

How to create a folder?

Folder creation button is located on the right side of the proof screen near the “Create Proof” button.

It opens a separate window in which user can set up a new folder. This process consists of:

  1. Choosing folder name
  2. Placing the folder in the folder structure:
    • A user can set this folder as a top level of this folder tree structure and in that case folder will be displayed right after entering “Folders”.
    • Alternatively, folder can be nested under already created folder and become a sub-folder.
  3. Selecting sharing options of this folder:
  • Everyone in my account (Public) - all Ziflow users are able to view and create proofs in that folder.
  • Me and Administrators (Private) - only folder owner and Team admins are able to see/edit proofs at such folder.

Moving proofs to the folder

A Proof creator may insert the proof in a folder at the very moment of proof configuration. This setting can be adjusted at any step of proof creation eg. “What to review” step or “Proof settings” step. A Proof creator can click on the folder button and he/she will be asked where the proof should be moved to.

If the proof wasn't placed in any of the existing folders during the creation process, it can be still moved by the proof owner or user with manage rights. Just go to the proof “View details” under the proof contextual menu and choose the proof location in the same way as the proof creator does during the proof setup.

Additional Information:

  • Folders functionality is available only in the Ziflow Business or Enterprise Edition.
  • If the user decides to delete a folder, Ziflow will ask what should be done exactly done with sub-folders/proofs inside of it:

Supporting material: