How To - Restore deleted comments

Summary: If a reviewer deletes a comment by accident or has a change of heart - Ziflow allow reviewers to restore the deleted comment/s which in-turn will also bring back any replies or attachments associated to that comment.

Available for: Proof Owners, reviewers with “Manage” permissions and the Team Admin can restore their own deleted comments or other users deleted comments.
Reviewers with “Comment” permissions are able to restore their own comments but not other users deleted comments.

Where is the feature setup? This feature is set-up automatically & any user with “Comment” permissions will be able to restore deleted comments, however, if you want someone in your review group to have the ability to restore other users deleted comments then you must grant them “Manage” permissions.

How does it work?

If you delete a comment then it will automatically “grey” out in the comments box inside the Proof Viewer. When you click on “Restore” the deleted comment along with any uploads or replies will re-appear in the comment list.

Additional Information:

  • There is no time deadline for the comment or reply to be restored, however, you cannot restore a comment whilst the proof is locked or after it has a new version.

Supporting material: