How To - Use the measurement tool

Summary: The Measurement Tool allows you to measure distances in Pixels, Inches or Millimeters directly inside the proof. This feature is useful for a variety of reasons such as checking page size, bleed size or perhaps the size of an object on the proof.

Available for: Every user with “view” permission and above.

Where is the feature applied? Every reviewer that is invited to the proof has “View” permission so this feature is turned on for every user you invite into the proof.

How does it work?

Inside the proof viewer, the measurement tool is accessed by clicking on the ruler button along the bottom (See screenshot below)

When you click on the ruler it turns on measurement mode and the measurement box will pop up (as shown in the screenshot above). Inside the pallet, you can decide if you want to measure in Pixels, Inches or Millimetres and set the measurement transparency color you wish to use.

Now simply drag from point to point and the measurement tool will display a colored transparent shape covering the area you selected and displays the measurements in real time.

Additional information:

  • To exit the measuring tool simply click on “pan mode” which is the hand button.
  • The Measurement tool is also available when you are comparing different versions which allow the reviewers to measure the dimensions on both proof versions at the same time.