Using the Ziflow Proof Viewer

Summary: Understanding the Proof Viewer will enable you to navigate, zoom and understand the available functionality inside the Proof Viewer. This document is a great starting point for any new users to Ziflow.

Available for: Any user of the Ziflow proofing application.

Where is the feature applied? The feature requires no setup or permissions to enable it. Users may not see certain buttons depending on the proofing permissions you have been granted.

How does it work?




Clicking will exit you from the Proof Viewer



Create Version or new Proof

Clicking will reveal the options to create a new proof version or create a new proof - (only shows for “Proof Owners” or users with “Manage” rights)

See “How to upload a new proof version” for further details.



Proof Details

Click to reveal details about the proof

See “How To - Understand the Proof Summary




Click to enter comparison mode

See “How To - Compare Versions”



Proof Notification options

Click to change your Proof Notification options

See “How To - Set proof email notification options



Lock / Unlock Proof

Click to lock or unlock the proof (only shows for “Proof Owners” or users with “Manage” rights)

See “How To - Manually lock & unlock proofs



Show Versions

Click to reveal all versions of the proof - old versions will have a padlock beside them meaning they can be displayed but cannot be changed. Select the version you wish to display.



Finish review / submit decision

Users with the comment only rights will see a “Finish Review” button. Users with decision permissions will see a “Submit Decision” button - click to select your decision. See “How To - Finish a Review & Understand Proof Decisions



User Avatar

Hover above to reveal username and email address




Click to reveal comments and markup tools
See “How To - Markup, comment & attach files



Page Thumbnails

Click to reveal or hide the page thumbnails (only displays on proofs that have more than one page or multiple files in a proof)



Next Page / Previous Page

Scroll through the pages by clicking on next page or previous page



Proof Navigator

The Navigator provides a mini preview of the proof page and highlights what part of the page you are viewing with a RED box. You can move the red box around in the Navigator window to pan around the proof.



Measurement Tool

Click the measurement tool to reveal the measurement pallet
See “How To - Use the measurement tool



Panning mode

Panning mode allows you to click and drag the proof around the proof window. When panning mode is activated the hand turns blue if it is deactivated it will be black. If you select the measurement tool or any of the markup tools then panning mode will automatically be deactivated.



Fit proof to window

This is a shortcut to automatically let Ziflow resize the proof to best fit in the proofing window.



Increase / Decrease zoom level slider

Slider to zoom in and out of the proof



Zoom level drop down menu

Popup menu that allows you to pick a zoom level from a predetermined list of options

Additional Information:

  • If you hold the ctrl or apple key down the mouse scroll wheel will zoom in and out