FAQ: Why does an old proof version auto lock when a new version is created?

    By default, Ziflow will always lock the older version or versions of a proof when a new version is uploaded.

    Why do we do this?

    1. To ensure ALL users are looking at the most recent proof and they cannot markup or comment on the older version of the proof.
    2. To ensure the older version is locked in time so that you have a full audit trail of all comments and markup for compliance reasons and potential dispute resolution.

    What happens when the proof is locked?

    • No comments can be added to that version of the proof.
    • No replies to comments can be added to that version of the proof.
    • Existing comments and replies cannot be edited or deleted on the locked proof version
    • No previously deleted comments or replies can be restored on the locked proof version
    • Submitting, changing or revoking decisions is not possible
    • Downloading the locked version of the proof is not possible

    The Proof owner or a Reviewer with “Manage” permissions can manually unlock a proof version if necessary. (Please note: doing this will put the latest version of the proof into a locked state)

    Users can view the most current version of a proof alongside an older version if they use the “Compare” mode and you can also see all the markup and comments on the older versions (which is great for checking the markup has been actioned against the latest version) however you will only be able to comment on the most recent version.