Custom Decision Labels

    Summary: Custom decision labels make it easy for our customers to define what options are presented to reviewers when they make a decision on a proof.

    Standard options are as follows:

    • Approved
    • Approved with changes
    • Changes required
    • Not relevant

    We understand that these decision options may not meet the needs of all our customers, which is why we’ve added custom decision labels. This feature will allow you to modify the standard options to something more fitting for your workflow.

    Available for: Administrators on Business & Enterprise editions.

    Where is the feature setup? Go to “Manage account” > “Proofing Settings” > “Decisions”

    How does it work?

    Once admins are inside the “Decision Settings” screen, they can customize the decision labels by clicking on the name and entering a new one. They must click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

    Admins can also pick and choose which decision options are visible to reviewers by toggling the “Active” switch on or off.

    If they would like to revert back to the original decision labels, click “Restore defaults”.

    *Please note: the underlying meaning of a decision and overall status calculation logic will remain intact. The order of decisions cannot be changed, only the label.

    For more information, please see Finishing a Review & Understanding Proof Decisions.