Duplicate Proofs

    Summary: Ziflow users can now duplicate a proof or new version. This feature is helpful when proof creators want to rerun the proof or make some changes.

    Available: on all editions. This feature can be used utilized by account admins or proof owners/reviewers with manage rights.

    Where is the feature setup?  In the Proof Details screen, click on the “Duplicate Proof” icon.

    How does it work?

    You will be redirected to the proof creation screen. It will be pre-filled with all the proof details (file, reviewers, stage configuration, etc.). You can adjust any of the settings at this time.

    At the top of the proof creation screen there are two new options:

    1. Duplicate as version - This option will duplicate the proof as a new version. For example, if you would like to duplicate V1 of your proof, select this option and V2 will be added. If this checkmark is not selected, a new proof will be created instead of a new version.

    2. Duplicate comment - By selecting this option you can decide if comments from the original proof should be duplicated to the new proof / version.

    When you’re done with the duplicate configuration, click on the “Duplicate” button at the bottom of the proof creation screen and a new proof / version will be created. Notification emails will be sent to reviewers.

    Additional information:

    • When duplicating an archived proof as a version, the whole proof will be unarchived. When duplicating an archived proof as a new proof, the old proof will remain archived and the new will be unarchived.