Exporting comments to PDF

Summary: Sometimes you might want to have an offline copy of the proof in PDF format. We implemented feature that allows downloading a PDF document, which represents all the work (comments/markups) done during the proof review.

Available for: Any Ziflow user with “view” rights on the proof.

Where is the feature setup? The feature is enabled by default for the Proof Owners and it can be enabled by turning on the “View” permission for reviewers when you setup the proof.


How does it work?

Downloading the comments to PDF might be done from 3 places:

  1. Inside your proof list: Click on the contextual menu and select “Export comments to PDF” optionexporting5
  2. Inside the Proof Summary page: Open proof “View details” under the proof you want to export the comments from and click on “Export” button pointed below:exporting1
  3. Inside the proof viewer: Click on the “Export” button located at the blue sidebar menu on the left:exporting6 
How the export looks like?

When you decide to export proof comments, PDF file will be generated. This file will contain:

    1. Cover page
      1. Ziflow or your company logo
      2. Proof name
      3. Version number (with Proof status)
      4. Number of pages
      5. Number of comments and replies
      6. Owner information
      7. Footer exporting4
    2. For each page with comments
    1. Proof page with all the pinsexporting7
    2. Each comment with all the details: thumbnail, avatar & name, comment number, comment text, date/time & timezone, page number, number of likes if any, number of attachments if any exporting2
    3. Reply for each comment with all the details: avatar & name, reply number, reply text, date/time & timezone, number of likes if any, number of attachments if any

Additional information:

  • You can export comments only from static file proofs.

Supporting material: