Exporting Proofs

    Summary: The CSV export feature allows users to measure and archive review work being done in Ziflow. Users will be able to create their own insights of “Ziflow proof” work, as well as connect them with data from other sources in commonly used spreadsheet applications.

    Available: On Business & Enterprise editions.

    Where is the feature setup? The export icon is located at the top of the proof list, under the Customize View button.

    How does it work?

    You should start with filtering the proofs that you want to export. Proofs that are displayed in your current list will be exported.

    Once your proof list displays the selected items, click on the “Export proofs” icon. A pop-up menu will appear with a couple of setting options.

    1. Email - this will automatically display the email address of the user who is exporting the proofs (not editable).

    2. File format - we currently support CSV file format.

    3. Versions - decide if the export should contain all proof versions or just the latest version only.

    4. Properties - choose if you want to include custom properties in your export.

    When all the settings are selected, click the green “Export” button. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a notification letting you know that your export is ready. Click “here” to download the file.

    The exported file will also be emailed to you.

    Additional information:

    • Fields that are included in all exports: Internal ID, Proof Name, Created, Version, Paren Version ID (only when "Export each version on a separate line" is selected), Latest Version, Folder, Workflow, Status. Optional fields are: Owner (Owner Name & Owner Email, Comments, Decisions, Nearest Deadline, Last Activity, Stages).