FAQ: What keyboard shortcuts are available when reviewing a proof?

    For Ziflow power-users who prefer to use their keyboard for navigation, we've added in a few shortcuts to the Proof Viewer.

    Pausing / Playing video (Proof Viewer v1)

    When reviewing video/audio proofs, use your Spacebar or the letter K to start/stop playback.

    Next page / Previous page (Proof Viewer v1 & V2)

    When reviewing static proofs, use your right arrow key to go to the next page and your left arrow key to go to the previous page.


    Add comments (Proof Viewer V1)

    To add a comment, press Ctrl + Alt + m(for Windows) or Cmd + Option + m(for Mac).

    Saving Comments (Proof Viewer v1 & V2)

    If you're ready to save a comment please use the following shortcut to save it: Ctrl + Enter (Cmd + Return for Macs)

    Basic formatting while adding comments (Proof Viewer V2)

    While adding a comment reviewers can use different types of formatting:

    • bold - Ctrl+ B (Cmd +B for Macs)
    • Italic - Ctrl + I (Cmd + I for Macs)
    • underline - Ctrl + U (Cmd + U for Macs)
    • strikethrough - Ctrl + D (Cmd + D for Macs)

    Undo & redo markups (Proof Viewer V2)

    When adding a comment with markups you can undo and redo markups with Ctrl + Z & Ctrl + Y

    Keeping the ratio of a drawn markup (Proof Viewer V2)

    If you drawing a markup and it needs to be increased/deceased you can press the Shift button so the markup ratio is kept.

    Panning mode (proof Viewer V2)

    While reviewers are in a comment/markup mode and they need briefly to switch into a panning mode they can press the Space button.