Filtering Comments in Proof Viewer

    Summary: If a proof contains a large number of comments, reviewers may want to use the filter feature to quickly find specific comments.

    Available for: All users that have been invited into the proof and approval process. Each user is able to set their own filters.

    Where is the feature setup? The filter feature is located above the comments box inside the Proof Viewer.

    How does it work?

    Click on the "Filter" button and the filter menu will be displayed:


    1. Filter in - decide if you want to filter just comments or if you want to look through comments & replies
    2. Reviewer - this option allows you to see all comments made by a specific reviewer (it considers only reviewers with comment rights)
    3. Stage - this option will filter all comments within a specified stage.
    4. Contains - with this filter you can type a word or any string of words to identify all comments/replies that contain the defined search criteria.
    5. Filter by label - shows comments with particular labels
    6. Other filters:
      @mentioned me - enable if you want to find comments/replies of other reviewers who tagged your name
      Hide resolved
      - select if you want to hide already resolved comments
      Current page only - this filter will only display comments/replies on the currently displayed page
      Private only - switch if you want to view private comments
    7. Show deleted comments - enable/disable in order to display placeholders of deleted comments

    Additional information:

    • The "Clear" button removes selected filters
    • When you use any filter in the "Comments and replies" mode, it will show you the comments that do not match the criteria because they have replies that fulfill them. You can switch from that view to see only the comments and replies that do match the filtering criteria. You can then exit the view by clicking on "Show all":

      individual replies

    Supporting material: