Creating & sharing a proof

Once you are logged in to Ziflow it is very quick and easy to start a new proof. From within the “Proofs” tab in Ziflow click on the “Create new” button.

Step 1 - What to review?

This is where you upload the files you want to proof.

  1. Simply browse to your files or drag and drop them into the uploader, or...
  2. If you want to add a Web Page to your review cycle then simply type in the URL before hitting the + button.

File formats supported in Ziflow are listed in this document.

Step 2- Stage configuration

Now you are ready to add your proofing stages and reviewers. By default, Ziflow creates a “Stage 1” and automatically assigns proof creator the Proof Owner in stage 1 (you can change proof owner later if needed).

Ziflow understands that you may need two or more stages (review groups) reviewing the same file at the same time or one after another (eg. copywriters for checking for text and legal checking for compliance) so we allow you to create multiple review stages in the same proofing session.

  1. Reviewers - list of the contacts that are already invited to the stage. This is also the place where review rights and notification preferences can be adjusted for each invited contact.
  2. Add new reviewers & groups to the stage - you can share the proof with users already invited to your Ziflow, preconfigured groups or simply add a guest outside of Ziflow.
  3. Stage settings - these settings are going to be applied to this particular stage only. If you decide to add more stages, you need to set those settings for each of them.

Please visit our detailed guide on new proof creation if you need to know more about each of available settings. Click “Next” once you invite wanted reviewers and complete stage settings.

Step 3 - Proof settings

Set of few settings that will be applied for the whole proof. Proof creator may also want to renounce proof owner rights to another user selected from the list.

Please visit our detailed guide on new proof creation if you need to know more about each of available settings.

Step 4 - Summary

Last step of the proof creation process. It might be a good time to check if your proof is assembled correctly before you make it live.  

  1. Proof name - by default the proof will be named the same as the file you have uploaded or it will be called “Multiple files” if you upload more than one file. Simply overtype your required Proof name.
  2. Proof folder - you may want to move the proof to the specific folder you created for that purpose. It can be done during the proof creation process or later.
  3. Create - finalizes proof creation process. It might take some time (depending on the file size) until proof is fully operational but don’t worry, Ziflow will notify you once proof is ready for reviewers to work.

If something is set up incorrectly you will see the following window informing you that something is not right, Ziflow will also identify the problem area by placing a red ! mark next to the stage that requires attention.