Creating & sharing a proof

    Once you login to your Ziflow account, you'll be presented with the Proofs List. From here, click the "Create Proof" button.

    Step 1 - What to review?

    This is where you upload the files you want to proof.

    1. Simply browse your files or drag and drop them into the designated field, or...
    2. Upload a web page by entering the URL into the “Review a website” field. You can choose between "Take a snapshot" of a web page or "View live content".

    File formats supported in Ziflow are listed here.

    Once files have been uploaded, scroll down to the next step...

    Step 2- Stage configuration

    Now you are ready to add your stages and reviewers. By default, Ziflow creates a “Stage 1” and automatically assigns ownership to the proof creator (you can change proof owner later, if needed).

    Ziflow understands that you may need two or more stages (review groups) reviewing the same file at the same time or one after another (eg. copywriters for checking text and legal for checking compliance). For this purpose, we allow you to create multiple review stages.

    1. Stage settings - these settings are going to be applied to this particular stage only. If you decide to add more stages, you need to define settings for each of them.
    2. Reviewers this is where you will add users into the review stage, set up their proofing permissions and define their notification preferences. If they are a registered user in your Ziflow account, simply begin typing their name and it will populate their email address. By default, the Proof owner is automatically added to Stage 1. If you would like to invite someone who is not a registered user in your account, simply enter a valid email address and click the + button. *Please note that “guest” reviewers without a Ziflow account cannot be granted “Manage” permissions.
    3. Add new reviewers & groups - at any point in the proofing process you can add new reviewers or groups to the stages.

    Please read our detailed guide on creating a new proof to learn more about each available setting. 

    Step 3 - Proof settings

    Towards the bottom of the proof creation screen, there are some additional settings. This is also where the proof creator may transfer ownership to another user. 

    Once again, please read our detailed guide on creating a new proof to learn more about each available setting. 


    Once the proof settings are determined, click on the "Create" button. If something is set up incorrectly you will see the following pop-up message. Ziflow will identify the problem area by placing a red ! mark next to the stage that requires attention.

    After the proof is processed, reviewers will get an email notification informing them that they have a new proof to review.