How To - Upload a new proof version

Summary: New proof versions will need to be uploaded when you have markup and comments that require amendments and a new proof needs to be generated.  

Available for: Proof owners and users with “Manage” Permissions are able to upload new versions

How does it work?

You can upload a new version from three different locations as displayed below:

  1. From the Proof List area click on the contextual menu and select “Create new version”

  1. From the proof Summary page click on the “+” button

  1. From within the Proof Viewer click on the “+” button and select “Create new version”

When you select “Create new version” you will be taken back to the create proof screen.

  1. You cannot change the proof name of the existing proof but Ziflow automatically enters the version number before the name so that you can easily identify the version.
  2. Browse or drag and drop your new version or type in the URL
  3. (Optional) When you upload a new version you have the ability to amend any existing proof settings including the ability to add or remove reviewers or create stages.
  4. Once you are happy click on “Create version” and once processed the reviewers will be notified of the new version ready for review.

When you upload a new version the older version will automatically be locked and the new version will be live to your reviewers.

Additional information:

  • If a user is logged into a proof when a new version is created the user will see a pop-up message as shown below informing them that the current version of the proof is now locked and a new version has been created.

Supporting material: