How To - Understand the proof summary

Summary: The Proof Summary screen is designed to give a clear centralized view of the proof information and proof progression in a very quick and user-friendly way.

Available for: The Proof Summary is available for all registered Ziflow users but the options displayed may differ depending on your proof and system settings. (Guest users cannot access the Proof Summary).

Where is the feature applied? The feature is applied by default.

How does it work?

See screenshot below along with an explanation of each function.

  1. Proof Name - Displays the name and version number of the proof
  1. Folder - current proof folder location
  2. Current Proof Status - displays the current status of the proof using one of the following status indicators.
 In progress - The proof is available for review
 Approved - The proof has been approved
 Approved with changes - The proof has been approved upon minor changes being applied
 Changes required - The proof has been reviewed and changes are required
 Rejected - The proof was rejected
  1. Version - Select different proof versions from the drop-down list to see the Proof Summary for each version including reviewers decisions in that version.
  1. Open Proof - Shortcut to open the proof in the Proof Viewer
  1. Shortcut options -
  • Create New Version
  • Download Original File
  • Lock Proof
  • Delete Proof

*Please note you may not see all these shortcut options if you have not been granted the system or proofing permissions to do so.

  1. Proof Owner - You can hover over the Proof Owner’s Avatar to reveal the Proof Owner’s name and email address.
  1. Proof Summary Information -
  • Filename
  • Created - Displays the date the proof was created
  • Version - Displays how many versions of the proof have been uploaded
  • ID - Displays the unique proof ID which can be used if you need to contact Ziflow support. Clicking on the show button will allow you to copy the ID so you can easily paste it into a support ticket.
  • Public URL - This is the public URL for your proof in case you need to send the link. If you send this URL then the receiver will be able to access the proof (unless you have set up the security settings to not allow this)
  1. Stage - This lists the stages associated to this proof
  1. Deadline - This is displayed if you have set a deadline in the settings. You also have a “remind all” button which will send emails out to all the reviewers to remind them about the deadline date.
  1. Proof Status - This is the current proof status which is automatically calculated based on the decisions made by the decision makers. (Refer to “How To - Understand decisions” in the help center for further information on Proof Status and calculations)
  1. Progress bar avatars - This is a visual way of seeing where each reviewer is in the proofing process. Hover over the avatar to get further information about what stage the reviewer is currently in.
  2. Proof Setup Options - If you want to amend any proof settings or add/remove reviewers or stages you can do this by selecting the Stage or Proof Settings and applying your changes.

Additional information:

  • This function is only available to registered Ziflow users

Supporting material: