Proofing premissions

Summary: Understanding the user role permissions is vital for any Proof Owner to understand so they are able to apply the appropriate user role permissions to the reviewers.

Available for: Proof owners when setting up a new proof or adding a new version. The proof owner has the ability to add reviewers and set the user roles (permissions).

Where is the feature setup? In the review stage settings when setting up a new proof or revision.

How does it work?

Below is a description of the different user roles you can apply for your reviewers.

View - This permission means that the user can only view the proofs and they have no rights to markup, comment, reply to comments, make decisions or manage the proofs. This setting is typically used for someone that just needs an FYI on a proof or projects progression.

Comment - This permission allows the user to markup, comment and reply to comments. The user can also delete their own markups and comments providing the proof has not been locked.

Decision - This permission means the user can submit a decision about the proof and also revoke it. This user takes part in calculating final decision for the review stage or the whole proof

Manage - The manage permission allows the user to add new or delete versions of the proof, lock and unlock the proof, delete other users comments and also edit proof settings.

Proof Owner - The Proof owner is created automatically when you start off the proofing process this user is automatically granted all permissions but you are able to turn off Comment and Decision if the proof owner does not need to be involved in that process (this could typically be an Account Manager who is sending the proof out to a client for feedback etc.)

**Please Note: If you add a guest user as a reviewer you will be able to them View, Comment and Decision permissions but they are not able to Manage a proof because you need a Ziflow account and access to the proof list to be able to manage the proof.

Guest users will only be able to access proofs via the link in the invitation email which will take them directly to the Ziflow Proof Viewer, Guest users will not see a Proof List.

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