Using the proof list

Summary: The “Proof List” is your main proofing navigation window inside the Ziflow application, any proofs you are associated with are displayed in this window. You can create new proofs, check status of existing proofs, use filters and utilize contextual menus to access various features inside the proofing application.

Available for: All registered users within the Ziflow application can access the Proof List.
You can display all the proofs you have created or been invited too.

Where is the feature applied? The feature is automatically available to all registered Ziflow users.

How does it work?

See screenshot below along with a description of the functions
  1. Proof filter - Filter your display view to show…
    All proofs - Displays all proofs
    My proofs - Displays only proofs you own
    Proof to review - Displays proofs that the reviewer has not worked on
    Completed proofs - Displays proofs that are completed
  2. Folders - allows arranging proofs in a folder structure, created by a user so it is easier to organize your work. Read more about folder functionality in this article
  3. Custom filters - this feature allow you to create customized set of proof filters. Check this article for more information 
  4. Proof thumbnail: Ziflow will extract and display a thumbnail preview of your proof.
  5. Proof Name and Version: Name of the Proof and a V.number which shows how many versions of the proof have been uploaded
  6. Proof counter - Displays how many proofs are currently filtered along with paging arrows.
  7. Comments: Total amount of comments applied across the proof by all the reviewers along with the total amount of replies to those comments made eg. 2 / 3 means two comments made and 3 replies to those comments.
  8. Decisions: View of how many decision-makers in the review group have made a decision.
  9. Status: Shows the current Proof Status - explanation of each status is listed below

     In progress - The proof is available for review

     Approved - The proof has been approved

     Approved with changes - The proof has been approved upon minor changes being applied

     Changes required - The proof has been reviewed and changes are required

     Rejected - The proof was rejected

  10. Created: Date when the proof was created. (List can be displayed by create date: first to last or last to first).
  11. Proof Owner: When you hover over the avatar it will display the name and email address of the Proof Owner.
  12. Proof Details button: Proof Details button reveals a detailed summary of the proof along with progression indicators. More detailed info can be found in:
    How To - Understand the Proof Summary (In the Ziflow help center)
  13. Review Group Status: Expands the proofing information to display all the reviewers and where they are in the revision cycle.
  14. Proof actions contextual menu - A drop-down list of actions you can apply to the proof (if you have permission) options liste below. 
  • View details - this will redirect you to the Proof Summary screen (see point 10 above)
  • Create new version - This option redirects the proof owner or “Manage” reviewers to the file upload area in proof builder, from where the new version of the proof can be uploaded (Ziflow, will automatically then create a version of the last proof and lock it) Please note that you also have the ability to change the proof settings and reviewers at this stage, otherwise Ziflow will pick up the same settings from the previous version) How To - Upload a new proof version (In the Ziflow help centre)
  • Download file - Download the latest version of the proof to your desktop (Option only shows when you select “Allow download of the original file” In Proof Settings.
  • Lock/Unlock - Manually lock or unlock the proof (Only available to “Manage” reviewers and Proof Owners) - for more detailed information please refer to: How To - Manually lock & unlock proofs (In the Ziflow help center)
  • Delete - Deletes the proof - for more detailed information please refer to How to - Delete proofs - for Manage users (In the Ziflow help center)

15. Create new proof/folder - Hit this button to set up a new proof or proof folder - for more detailed information please refer to: How To - Create a new Proof or How To - Use Proof Folders

16. Bulk actions - thanks to those checkboxes you can select multiple or all proofs from the proof list and perform bulk actions listed on the bar above the proofs prooflist9

Additional Information:

  • Please note that the Proof List page may not display all the options listed in this document and will depend on what system and proof permissions you have applied.

Supporting Material: