My Profile

    Every user registered in Ziflow can view and edit their own profile making it easy to amend any personal information such as name, phone number, avatar picture, etc.

    Profile settings are accessed from the “View Profile” button under your user name as shown below.

    Once you are inside the “View profile” window, the user profile information is displayed. The information listed below is in reference to the screenshot:

    1. Profile picture
    2. Username
    3. E-mail address - cannot be edited
    4. User roles - these are set by the admins or account owner
    5. Company name - cannot be edited
    6. Phone number
    7. Time zone - this setting is automatically taken from your browser settings but it can be also adjusted manually if needed
    8. Groups - lists all groups to which the user has been added. Users have the option to remove or add themselves to any groups.
    9. Proofs - displays the user's proof statistics.
    10. API key -allows the user to generate an API key that can later be used to access the Ziflow API.

    To make changes simply hover over the field until the pencil icon appears.

    Once you are done, click on the green checkbox and the changes will be applied.