Proof List

    This is where you will be creating, managing and organizing your proofs. This list displays all proofs that you have created, as well as any proofs in which you have been added as a reviewer. 


    1. Create Folder & Proof - essential buttons that will allow you to create new proofs and folders.
    2. Standard filters - display a different view depending on your preferences. 
    3. Folders - allow you to organize and manage proofs efficiently. 
    4. Proof list - contains all basic information about each proof. There are many actions that a user may perform from this list. To read more, please see this article.

    Demo Proofs

    The first time you log into your Ziflow account you'll notice 2 proofs (one PDF and one video). These "practice proofs" are meant to help you familiarize yourself with the markup tools and features within the Proof Viewer. Click on the thumbnail images to get started.