Proofs List

    This is where you will be creating, managing and organizing your proofs. The proof screen lists all proofs created by user and proofs in which user has been invited as a reviewer.


    1. Create Folder & Proof - most essential buttons that will allow user to create new proofs and folders for them.
    2. Proof filters - each option selected displays a different set of proofs depending on user needs.
    3. Folders - proof filters available in each Ziflow edition allow arranging proofs in a most basic way. However, the folders functionality gives an opportunity to create an individual structure that will organize user proofs in way more advanced manner.
    4. Proof list - contains all basic information about each proof to which a user has access (this person needs to be a proof owner or invited to the proof as a reviewer). Of course there are many more actions that a user may perform from this level of the application. You can read about all those possibilities in this article

    Demo Proofs

    At the beginning of your Ziflow work inside the proof list, you will notice two demo proofs (one PDF file and one video) automatically created for educational purposes. Those demo proofs will help you with understanding how proofing in Ziflow works.


    Click on the demo proof thumbnail in order to enter the proof in which you have a chance to get familiarized with some basics of the Ziflow Proof Viewer functions and Ziflow in general.