Global Search

    Summary: The Global Search feature lets you search for proofs from any page within your Ziflow account. You can enter a word or a phrase and Ziflow will search all of the latest versions, as well as previous versions, for things like standard & custom fields, version names, file names, reviewers, etc.

    Available for: users on all Ziflow editions. 

    Where is the feature setup? The magnifying glass icon located near your profile avatar.

    How does it work?

    Once you click on the global search icon, start typing in the text field and Ziflow will begin searching for projects that match the text. If you click on the "Search" button, Ziflow will display a list of proofs that meet the criteria.


    Global search has some built-in improvements that help to find the best matches:

    1. By checking the “Archived proofs” checkbox, you can look through all archived proof projects. You can also search through "All Versions", as well. 
    2. In addition, you can search using custom tags (if these have been set-up in your Ziflow account).