How do the pricing editions work?

    Our current pricing information can be found at

    We are offering 3 types of editions to our clients. Each of them has a possibility to register a trial account. All the available tools and functionalities can be tested before deciding which edition works for you the best.

    The 14-day trial period doesn't require you to enter credit card details. It is free time for you to enjoy working with Ziflow.

    Starter Edition


    Edition used by small teams that require using proofing functionality from time to time. Each user has 50 proofs limit per month and 10GB of available storage.

    Your users can create proofs, review them using multiple tools, compare different versions of the same proof, add as many reviewers as they want.

    Ziflow admin can customize account with custom domain and replace dashboard Ziflow logo with your own image.

    Business Edition 


    Our most popular Business edition includes everything from Starter edition.

    It also has increased amount of proofs (200) and storage (50GB) available for each Ziflow user.

    Business Edition allows using Multistep Flows including many automations that will make your everyday work more efficient. Each user can run Zibot 500 times per month.

    • Slack and Basecamp integration for automated flows functionality

    Proofing functionality is improved thanks to some unique tools and functions such as:

    • Folders - lets you keep proofs in order
    • Combining multiple files into a single proof -    combine many files into one proofing document
    • Branding - customize Ziflow application (notification emails, dashboard, sign in screen, favicon) with your company logo and colors.

    Enterprise Edition


    Enterprise Edition includes all functions from Starter and Business Editions.

    It also has an increased amount of proofs (500) and storage (unlimited) available for each Ziflow user.

    Zibots have 5000 run limit per each user.

    Apart from the above you will get:

    • Single sign-on - solution that allows your user to sign in-to Ziflow without credentials
    • Uptime SLA
    • Support SLA
    • 24/7/365 support

    We also offer other services that might be useful for our partners:


    Pricing terms


    It all starts with a piece of content - a design file, a PDF, web page, an image, etc. Files are uploaded to a secure server and the shared with a specific set of individuals. Those individuals start reviewing the proof by commenting, doing markups or using many other in-app tools.

    Read more about online proofing in Ziflow.


    Think of Zibots as an army of robots, each with their own unique skills in creative production. Zibots work within Ziflow, and their sole focus is helping you deliver projects faster by automating marketing tasks that you’d otherwise be doing yourself.

    Read more details how Zibots can improve your productivity and automate your job.

    Edition Limits

    Each of our editions has a limited amount of proofs, storage and Zibot runs. Your users will be notified before they reach any limits.

    This guide explains how to check limits on your account.