Configuring Single Sign-on in your Ziflow

    Summary: Ziflow supports Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML), which allows you to provide single sign-on to your users. The benefit of Single Sign-on (SSO) is that your users will be able to sign in to Ziflow by using your organization's default authentication system like Active Directory.

    Where is this feature located: As an Administrator, you can configure SSO in the “Manage account” section.

    Configuring SAML for your account:

    1. SSO type: list of supported SSO solutions: SAML 2.0 & Custom Social Connection
    2. Sign in URL: this is the URL Ziflow will invoke to redirect users to your Identity Provider
    3. X509 Signing Certificate: Identity Provider public key encoded in PEM or CER format
    4. Sign out URL: this is the URL Ziflow will return your users to after they log out
    5. Binding protocol: The HTTP binding supported by the identity provider
    6. Enable/disable: Once enabled, your users will sign in using your organization's authentication system

      Once you've entered the information, we'll provide the required information you need for your Identity Provider:

    7. Callback URL: the target where the SAML response will be sent to
    8. Settings: if required the “audience” information is provided

    Additional information:

    • If a user goes to the general Ziflow sign in page, tries to sign in, we will automatically redirect them to your Ziflow sign in page
    • SAML is limited only to the accounts using Enterprise Edition