How to configure workflow templates

Summary:  The Workflow Templates feature speeds up the process of setting up new proofs. If you have proofs where you are using the same reviewers and stages configured exactly the same way, you may want to save such workflow as a template and use it in next proofs with just one click. Those templates can be also used by other Ziflow team-members.

Available for:  The feature is available only in Ziflow Enterprise edition. New templates can be configured only by users with “Admin” rights but all other users in your Ziflow team can use them while setting up their proofs.

Where is the feature setup?

Workflow templates can be created in two places:

  1. One of them is “Workflow Templates” tab inside “Manage account” screen. templates2
  2. Proof creation screen where a proof creator may save the configured stages as a workflow templatetemplates1

How to create workflow template?

Template creation can be done from “Manage account” or “Proof creation” screen (see screenshots above). Creation process in both places looks exactly the same.

  1. You start with stages configuration and stage settings adjustment. Once it is done you can add reviewers, select their review rights and notification preferences.
  2. If you feel the templates is ready you can give it a unique name and select the template owner (it needs to be a user with admin rights).
  3. Once everything is ready you can save the template.


Using workflow templates

Created templates can be used by all users in your Ziflow account. Once user enters proof creation screen he/she can select workflow from the template list. Choosing template from the list applies the workflow onto the proof user is currently configuring. Applied workflow may be still adjusted to the proof creator needs.


Supporting material: