Configuring Workflow Templates

    Summary: Workflow templates can tremendously speed up the proof creation process. If you tend to use the same configuration of stages, reviewers and email notifications, using a workflow template will allow you to populate the fields with just a few clicks.

    Available for: Enterprise edition. New templates can only be created by administrators, but all users can access them when creating proofs.

    Where is the feature setup?

    Workflow templates can be created in two different places.

    • Under "Manage account" > "Proofing Settings" > "Workflow Templates".
    • Also from the proof creation screen.

    How to create a workflow template?

    1. Select a template name. You may assign ownership to any other account administrator.
    2. Define permissions. You may pick and choose what proof creators can or cannot do. 
    3. Add the reviewers, select their permissions & notification preferences and configure the stages.
    4. Click the "Create" button

    Using workflow templates

    When creating a new proof, simply click the "Workflow template" button and select the one you wish to apply. Workflow templates can be adjusted/edited, if needed.

    Supporting material: