Configuring Workflow Templates

    Summary: Workflow templates can tremendously speed up the proof creation process. If you tend to use the same configuration of stages, reviewers and email notifications, using a workflow template will allow you to populate the fields with just a few clicks.

    Available for: Enterprise edition. New templates can only be created by administrators, but all users can access them when creating proofs.

    Where is the feature setup?

    Workflow templates can be created in two different places.

    • Under "Manage account" > "Proofing Settings" > "Workflow Templates".
    • Also from the proof creation screen.

    How to create a workflow template?

    1. Select a template name. You may assign ownership to any other account administrator.
    2. Define permissions. You may pick and choose what proof creators can or cannot do. 
    3. Add the reviewers, select their permissions & notification preferences and configure the stages. Scroll down and read (Add stages paragraph) or visit this article for more details about stages configuration.
    4. Click the "Create" button

    Add Stage(s)

    By default, Ziflow creates a “Stage 1” and automatically adds the Proof Owner in this first stage. 

    You may need two or more stages (review groups) reviewing the same file (eg. copywriters for checking text and legal checking for compliance). For this purpose, you can create multiple stages. 

    The screenshot below outlines the stage options:

    1. Stage name- click on "Stage 1" to edit the name (eg. "Internal Review").
    2. Reviewers - this is where you will add users into the review stage, set up their proofing permissions and define their notification preferences. If they are a registered user in your Ziflow account, simply begin typing their name and it will populate their email address. If you would like to invite someone who is not a registered user in your account, simply enter a valid email address and click the + button. *Please note that “guest” reviewers without a Ziflow account cannot be granted “Manage” permissions. For more information, see our Proof permissions article. 
    3. Notification preferences - this setting allows you to choose the frequency of email notifications for each reviewer. The options are: all comments and decisions, replies to my comments, decisions, final decision, hourly digest, daily digest or none.
    4. Trigger - select how and when you would like the stage to start. 
    5. Lock stage - choose if or when the stage should be locked: never, manually or when all decisions are made.
    6. Final Status Calculation - you can define the final status calculation for each stage. "All decisions" means that every reviewer that has decision making permissions will need to submit a decision in order for the proof to reach an approved status. "Only one decision required" means that the first reviewer to make a decision on the proof will make that decision on behalf of every reviewer with "decision " permissions. "Decision made by.." allows you to select a primary decision maker from the reviewers that are in that stage.
    7. Allow comments - decide what kind of comments can be added to the proof. Read more about private vs public comments in this article. If someone from a stage submits a private comment (available on Enterprise edition) it will only be visible to the reviewers in that specific stage.
    8. Set a deadline - this setting allows you to set a deadline for your reviewers. By default, once a proof has reached its deadline, an auto reminder goes out to reviewers who have not taken action on the proof. You can also manually send out reminders from the proof summary page.  The Enterprise edition allows you to create auto reminders to  trigger before and after the deadline has been reached.
    9. New proof/version - If you don't want to send out notifications about a new proof/version to your reviewers then you would uncheck this option. 
    10. Custom invitation message - If you need to add additional information about a proof/project, you have the option to customize the email invitation. 

    Using workflow templates

    When creating a new proof, simply click the "Workflow template" button and select the one you wish to apply. Workflow templates can be adjusted/edited, if needed.

    Supporting material: