FAQ: How to contact Ziflow support?

Summary: Ziflow want our customers to fully embrace the software and be happy users. We strongly believe in fantastic customer support and we are here to help. If you want to contact us via the support desk then this is how to do it.

Available for: Ziflow support is available to all our users even if you are using the free trial.

How do we contact Ziflow?

  1. On our homepage at the bottom you will find the “Get Help” section. Click on “Contact Support” as shown below. Or...
  2. Email us directly by sending a mail to support@ziflow.com
  3. From inside the application you can select Help and you will be taken to the Ziflow help centre, from here you can “Submit a request” to support. (Link found at the top of the page)


Logging a ticket:


image2-21.pngWhen you log a ticket please provide us with as much detail as possible and feel free to upload any screenshots etc. that you think may help explain the issue.






Please note that if you have an issue with a proof you can provide us with the Proof ID which can be found inside the Proof Summary page.


We are here to help and we understand that production is time critical.

A real person will respond and we will try to address any issues ASAP

Support material:

  • FAQ: Where do I get Proof or Flow ID?