Creating a New Proof

    Once you log into Ziflow, you'll be presented with the proof list. From there, click on the "Create Proof " button in the upper right corner.

    (If you already have proofs you will see them listed in the dashboard as shown below.)

    Create Proof: What to review

    1. Simply browse your files or drag and drop them into the "What to review" field. Or,
    2. Enter the URL to review a website.


    As you drag and drop or browse to your files you will see:


    1. Proof name - by default, the proof name will be the same as the file you upload. If you upload more than one file, the proof name will be shown as "Multiple files ".
    2. Folder - you'll notice a folder icon in the upper left corner. You will need to either choose an existing folder or create a new one and select it as a destination for your proof. Read more about folders functionality in this article.
    3. A green progress bar appears as the file(s) are uploaded. All files will be listed in numerical order so you can quickly reference what's been added to your review cycle.
    4. The trash icon can be used to delete uploaded files.
    5. If you are subscribed to the "Business Plan " or above you will see an additional option called "Combine into a single proof ". By selecting this option you are instructing Ziflow to bundle all the files into a single proof. In doing so your reviewers will only receive one notification for all the files and the review cycle will be based upon all the files being reviewed as a collective. This feature also allows you to drag and drop the order in which you want the files to be viewed.

    *Please note the combine files option is only available for static files such as PDFs and Images. Multiple videos cannot be combined into a single proof.

    Once you are done simply scroll down to the next step which is...

    Create Proof: Add Your Stage

    Now you are ready to add your proofing stages and reviewers.

    By default, Ziflow creates a "Stage 1 " and automatically assigns the Proof Owner in stage 1.

    Ziflow understands that you may need two or more stages (review groups) reviewing the same file at the same time (eg. copywriters for checking for text and legal checking for compliance) so we allow you to create multiple review stages in the same proofing session.

    The screenshot below outlines the stage options:


    1. Stage name- by default Ziflow name the stage "Stage 1 ", "Stage 2 " etc. Simply overtype to edit the stage name to something relevant to you.
    2. Reviewers - This lists any reviewers that have been added to the review stage and also allows you to determine what roles/permissions those users will have. (By default the Proof Owner is automatically added to "Stage 1 ") The user permissions are View, Comment, Decision and Manage - More detailed info can be found in: Proofing permissions (In the Ziflow help center)
    3. Notification preferences - This option allows you to set the frequency of notifications regarding the proof for each reviewer. The options are: all comments and decisions, replies to my comments, decisions, final decision, hourly digest, daily digest or none.
    4. Add reviewers to the proof - If you want to add a reviewer who is a registered Ziflow user within your Ziflow application you can simply enter first or last name and choose the account from the list. If you wish to invite someone who is not a registered user in Ziflow then simply enter a valid email address and click + button.
      *(Please note that "guest " users without a Ziflow account cannot be granted "Manage " permissions).
    5. Only one decision is required - If you select this option the first reviewer who makes a decision on the proof will make that decision on behalf of every member with "decision " permissions in that group. (This could be useful in a scenario where you just need one person to progress the proof eg. anyone in the legal team can review the proof and make a decision but not everyone needs to review it)
    6. Set a deadline - This setting allows you to set a deadline for your reviewers. You can also send out reminders about the deadline from the proof summary page.
    7. Custom invitation message - If you want to create a custom invitation for your reviewers or you need to add additional information about the proof then you have the ability to amend the invitation email content here.
      (Please note this feature is only available for Business subscription users and above)
    8. Add another Stage - Click on the + to add another review stage (group of reviewers) to your proof. In Starter and Business editions all added stages start at the same time (proof intitation). However, in Enterprise edition you can set dependencies eg start second stage once the stage 1 review is completed.

    Scroll down once you have completed your stages and settings configuration.

    Create Proof: Select Proof Settings

    The last step of proof creation is configuration of the proof settings, these settings will be applied to all the stages you set-up in the previous step.

    Proof Owner Setting - This simple setting allows Proof Creator to create a proof on behalf of another Ziflow user. If creator decides to use that setting he/she needs to select new Proof Owner of the whole Proof. What is important is that this user needs to be added to one of the proof stages (Ziflow will do it automatically, just asking where exactly new Proof Owner should be added). Once new Proof Owner is already added you can delete your account from the list of the reviewers if that is what you need.

    Proof Security - Thanks to the proof security settings Ziflow you can choose who the proof may be shared and whether they need to authenticate or not when opening the proof. This functionality will help you make sure that only designated reviewers can access proofs. Read more about this feature here. There are 3 security settings to choose if you are on Starter/Business Edition and 4 settings if you're an Enterprise user.

    1. Share with users & guests. No authentication required.
    2. Share with users only.  No authentication required.
    3. Share with users only.  Authentication required.
    4. Share with users & guests. Authentication required. (Enterprise option)

    Lock the proof when all decisions are made - By ticking this option the proof will automatically lock once all "decision makers " have made a decision (or when one decision-maker has made a decision if the "Only one decision is required " option is ticked). Once the proof is locked reviewers cannot revoke decisions and the only people able to unlock the proof are the proof owner or reviewers with "manage " permissions (these users also has the ability to manually lock the proof at any point). More detailed info can be found in: How To - Manually lock & unlock proofs (In the Ziflow help center)

    Allow download of the original file - By ticking this option, the users are able to download a copy of the file/s they are reviewing. A download button will appear inside the proof viewer and additionally, a download file option will appear in the contextual menu list on the proof list page. (See screenshots below). *Please note multiple files inside a proof will be downloaded as a zip file.


    Suppress proof created/failed email - select this option if you want to suppress emails informing about proof creation or proof failure.


    Once proof owner and proof settings are set you may click on "Create" button. Proof will be processed and after some time reviewers will get email notifications informing about new job

    If something is setup incorrectly you will see the following window informing you that something is not right, Ziflow will also identify the problem area by placing a red ! mark next to the stage that requires attention.


    Additional information:

    • Static, audio and video files cannot be part of the same proof. If Proof Owner tries to upload static and video file at the same time he/she will see an error message informing that "Only a single content type can be used when creating a proof ". Either remove the video file(s) or the static file(s) to proceed."
    • Proof folder setting can be adjusted at any step of the Proof creation process.
    • Multiple videos, audio or Rich Media files cannot be combined into a single proof.