Downloading invoices from your Ziflow account

    Summary: The billing history allows you to track payments on your Ziflow account and download invoices which have been issued either monthly or yearly depending on your billing cycle which was selected during your account setup.

    Available for: Team and Billing admin users.


    Where is the feature setup? "Team" or "Billing" admins can review the billing history by clicking on the "Settings" configuration menu and selecting the "Billing" tab as shown below.

    How does it work?

    Each time Ziflow charges your credit card (which is set inside "Payment details") Ziflow will automatically create an invoice that can be viewed or downloaded by the Team or Billing Admin.

    Ziflow will also notify the Team & Billing Administrators when the invoice is created via email with also contains a link back to the invoice.


    Clicking the link will direct you back to the Billing History page where you can download the latest invoice or any of the older ones.

    Below gives you an overview of the billing history information.

    1. Date - Date the invoice was created
    2. Invoice no. - Unique invoice number
    3. Description - General information about the issued invoice such as edition type, number of users, billing cycle etc.
    4. Invoice status - Settled will display if the card has been charged with no issue
    5. Total - the amount of the invoice in $USD
    6. Invoice download button - Opens the invoice as a PDF file in a new browser window for download.

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