FAQ: How to hide decisions in Ziflow?

    Summary: Hiding specific decisions allows you to control the types of decisions that will be available for your reviewers during the proofing process.

    Available for: Users with administrator rights.

    Where is the feature setup? Decision settings can be found under "Manage Account".

    How does it work?

    If you decide that some types of decisions are not necessary in your proofing workflow you may deactivate those which are not needed. Disabling/enabling decisions is very quick and can be done by any Ziflow administrator.

    Once you are in the "Decision settings" screen simply choose which decisions you wish to make unavailable and click the green button to deactivate.

    Your changes will be applied immediately. Reviewers will only have the option to select decisions which are marked as active.

    Additional information:

    • At least one decision must be enabled.
    • Even if a decision is hidden it will still show in the proof filters.

    Supporting material: