How To - Proof Rich Media files in Ziflow

Summary: As part of Ziflow’s goal of being the go-to choice for all your review and approval needs we now offer Rich Media (HTML5) support. If part of your marketing efforts include HTML5 banner ads, websites and other rich media content, you can now review those using Ziflow. Use the same markup and commenting tools your reviewers are already familiar with, while being able to play the design to completion and pausing the build at any point to provide feedback.  

Available for: Feature is available only in Enterprise Edition.

Where is the feature applied? Every reviewer with "View" rights, who is invited to Rich Media proof can participate in reviewing the proof.  Any of your users can start Rich Media proof if you are using Enterprise Edition


How does it work?

Rich Media Proof Viewer is designed to look and feel exactly the same as the standard Proof Viewer inside the Ziflow. This allows to quickly onboard your users if they have already worked on any static/video file proofs.


  1. Pause/Play - button that allows to pause animation in specific time so you can add a markup/comment to that exact moment.
  2. Refresh - lets you play whole animation from the beginning.

The only difference between static/video and Rich Media proofs is that each time someone starts drawing a markup, Ziflow will take a snapshot of the banner/site. Once the comment with markup is saved and someone else tries opening it, snapshot will be displayed. If user closes any opened comment or stops drawing a markup, then the proof file resumes it’s animation.

Additional information:

  • Only Enterprise Edition supports Rich Media proofing.
  • Rich Media proofs can be created only by uploading ZIP file. You cannot combine multiple Rich Media files into one proof. name4
  • Viewing Rich Media file in Proof Viewer requires installing Ziflow browser extension to your Chrome/Firefox browser (only those two browsers support viewing Rich Media files in Proof Viewer). When trying to open HTML5 in Proof Viewer for the first time Ziflow will ask you to install the extension. Extension installation is pretty quick and simple but if you encounter any problems or you simply have some questions about it, just contact our support team. name5
  • In order to work on Rich Media proofs reviewers must disable Adblock and they cannot work in the browser incognito mode.
  • Rich Media proofs do not have thumbnails inside the Proof List or at the Proof details screen. Instead of the proof thumbnail we insert HTML5 icon symbolising Rich Media proof. name1

Supporting Material: