FAQ: How to restore deleted proofs via trash?

    Quite often proofs are deleted by mistake or are removed when they are not needed anymore. If this happens and you need to restore deleted proof you can now restore deleted asset from trash.

    If you want to recover proofs please open Trashed proofs filter located on the left side of your Ziflow dashboard.

    This will allow you to view all projects that have been deleted. What is important here is that the list shows only proofs to which you have edit rights. You should be able to restore a proof if:

    - you have admin or manager role in Ziflow (access to all proofs)

    - you're the proof owner or have manage rights on a proof

    Important note:

    - Currently we allow restoring only proofs that were deleted entirely. You cannot restore single versions of proofs that were removed.

    - Restoring failed proofs is not possible.