How to - Set up Single Sign-On (SSO) for G Suite

    Summary: Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to configure SSO for your Ziflow account by creating a SAML app in Google Suite. It’s a convenient option if you use G Suite and haven’t implemented SSO yet.

    With this method, you can configure basic SSO authentication with no need to use a third-party service.

    Configuring Google

    1. Sign in to with your G Suite account (please note that you need to be an administrator in your Google account).

    2. In the menu, select Apps > Web and Mobile apps -> Add app -> Add custom SAML app

    3. Enter app name and upload app avatar
    4. Copy SSO URL and download a certificate
    5. Open Ziflow SSO settings (https://<yoursubdomain> and copy two values:
      - Callback URL 
      - Entity ID 
    6. Enter values copied from Ziflow into your SSO G Suite configuration.
      entity ID
    7. Add following attribute mapping:

    8. Turn on Ziflow SSO service and add needed users/groups to the Ziflow SSO app:

    Configuring Ziflow

    1. Open Ziflow SSO configuration (https://<yoursubdomain>
    2. Enter copied SSO URL from Google (paragraph nr 4) into Sign In URL and SignOut URL fields:
    3. Upload downloaded certificate and turn on SSO:

    At this point, both Google and Ziflow are configured and users who are added on both sides should be able to authenticate with their corporate credentials. You can test this by going to https://<yoursubdomain> and entering your email address. If SSO is configured correctly, you'll be redirected to the SSO login page and after authenticating you should be logged in to Ziflow: