Sharing a Proof

    Summary: After a proof is created, the owner or manager can share the proof with additional people and add them as reviewers. 

    Available for: Users with manager rights and proof owners.

    Where is the feature setup?  You can find the "Share proof" function in the following locations:

    1. Inside the Proof Summary/Proof Details page: Click on the “Share proof” icon.
    2. Inside the Proof Viewer: Click on the “Share proof” icon.

    How does it work?

    Once you click on “Share proof”, the stage settings screen will be displayed. Add the email address of anyone you would like to invite into the review and approval process and click "Share". You can added any of your users/contacts already invited to Ziflow or add new reviewers.

    Additional information:

    • Reviewers can be added to the proof regardless of progress status or lock status.

    Supporting material: