How To - Use custom views

Summary: Another way of customizing your proof list screen. Thanks to this feature reviewers can set own proof list view so the list contains all needed information. Proofs will be listed along with manually selected details.

Available for: Any Ziflow user can set own custom views. Feature available only for Enterprise edition users only.

Where is the feature setup?  Custom views menu is located under the “Create Proof” button on the Proof List screen.  


How does it work?

Once “Custom View” menu is opened, you can select and organize columns that will allow to view and sort proofs by the data that’s important. There are 7 types of columns to choose from, you can also select a column the data should be sorted on.


You customize the proof list view by organizing columns inside the “Custom Views” menu. Simply drag and drop columns you want to see inside your Proof List to the “Selected columns” table, you may also select column order and on which column the data should be sorted on.

Once your custom view is configured you can either click “Done” button that will apply selected view onto your Proof list or you can save this view.


If you decided to save the view, “Create a new view” screen will popup. You can name it, adjust privacy settings of the view, edit the column and sorting settings and finally save it.


Additional information:

  • The user can select from existing views by clicking the dropdown. Each user can select a default view, views shared by other users and personal views. cv1

Supporting material: