Summary: Filter functionality allows users to create and save their own custom sets of filters that allow to quickly search proofs in your account.

Available for: Feature available for every Ziflow user.

How does it work?

Custom filters menu is located above the proof list screen. By default, it shows all proofs that were created in your account.

Adding new filters

Once you hit filter button (“All proofs”), it will expand a window where the new custom filter can be created.

  1. You should start with adding filters to your new custom filter. You can add multiple filters so the search result is narrowed down. Remember to adjust chosen filter settings. Each filter added will increase filter counter (highlighted in blue).
  2. Once you are done with adding filters and selecting their settings you can save your custom filter by pressing “Save as...” button. Save filter window will appear on your screen. Type in name of the filter and choose, if the filter should be visible for everyone in your account (public) or just for you and your account admins (private). Hit “Create” button and custom filter will be added to your filters list. 

Filter list

All filters available on your account (private and public) can be selected form filter menu under the arrow icon pointing upwards.

  1. All filters list - administrators will see all the filters inside the account. Simple users will have access to their private filters and all the public ones.
  2. Favorites - each user can mark any of filters from the general list as favorite. Once the filter is marked as a favorite it will be added to the “Favourite list” on the left.

Editing/deleting filters

In case you want to manage any of your filters click on the filters list button and hover your mouse over the filter name you want to edit/delete. Clicking trash icon will delete the filter after you confirm that.

If you want to edit the filter click on the pencil icon. Edit window will appear where you can adjust the filter according to your actual needs. You can add new filters or delete them, rename the filter or change filter settings.

Supporting material: