Lite Users

    Summary:  We created another role in Ziflow called a "lite user". Lite users can be treated as guest reviewers, but have the ability to log into your Ziflow account where they can access proofs and folders that they have been invited to. They cannot create or manage content.

    Lite user seats can only be purchased on the Enterprise edition. If you want some of your reviewers to have access to your Ziflow dashboard, but don't want to pay full price for a user license with full permissions, then purchasing some lite user seats would be a solution. 

    Once you've purchased lite user licenses through our sales department, you will see the available seats inside your "Billing" page.

    Inviting Lite Users

    The process of inviting lite users looks the same as inviting regular users. Start by opening the "People" tab, then select "Add a lite user".

    Fill out the necessary information and an invitation will be sent.

    Lite Users' Permissions:

    1.  Lite users can log into your Ziflow account and access proofs and folders that have been shared with them.  
    2. Lite users cannot create or manage content.
    3. Lite users have their own profile where they can edit personal information and adjust their default settings such as proof permissions and notification preferences. 

    Additional information: